Harvast Workshop at Quinta da Tôr 2016

Harvast Workshop at Quinta da Tôr 2016

In partnership with “Loulé criativo”.

9th September 2016

“Be a part of this big party which is the opening of the harvest period!”

– Arrival at Quinta da Tôr in the morning.
– Reception and small contextualization of Quinta da Tôr’s history, and small activity.
– Harvast, cut the grapes.
– Wine house visit: smash of the grape and wine process – introduction and observation of the initial process.
– Lunch with vineyard view.
– Quinta da Tôr Wine tasting.

– Adultos a partir dos 18 anos
– Número máximo de participantes: 20 pessoas

– Portuguese
– English

– Eng.º Mário Santos, owner of Quinta da Tôr since 2011, recovered the wineries and built the new Wine House.

To proceed with the registration and for further informativo consult: http://loulecriativo.pt/pt/turismocriativo/experiencias/79-vindimas-na-quinta-da-tr

DATES: 09 Sept 2017

LOCAL: Quinta da Tôr