TôrArt - A colab with ARTLINK - Wine & Art Exhibition

Artistry Uncorked: Where Wine and Creativity Converge

Building on a successful relationship we have united with a renowned visual art collective thriving in and around the heart of the Algarve. With a mission to provide the opportunity for a local artists to participate in collective exhibitions. ARTLINK showcase a rich spectrum of styles, encompassing painting, intuitive abstraction, photography and digital composition.

Experience a continual infusion of criativity as both artists and artworks rotate. Each visit promises a refreshing novelty, ensuring that every encounter  with us unveils a new and captivating artistie journey. Stay stunned  for “Meet the Artists” events, where you can personally connect with the creators, delving into their passions, stories and motivations.

Together, let’s savor the fusion of creativity, culture, and the palate, creating an unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts and wine consumption alike.

Note: Any artists who may wish to be involved should contact ARTLINK collective directly.

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Egg Hunt

Unleash Your Competitive Spirit in the Thrilling Egg Hunt Adventure – Fun for Both Adults and Kids!

Foster delightful memories with family and friends as you venture into an exhilarating egg hunt amidst the picturesque vineyard. Win exciting prizes for adults (think wine!) and kids (think candy!) along the way. Cap off the festivities with a laid-back wine tasting and tapas for the grown-ups, while the little ones savor a thoughtfully crafted snack, ensuring an all-encompassing and enjoyable experience for everyone involved

Date: 24rd March – date to be confirmed

Price: 22,5€ (adults); 12€ (children)

        Hours: 10H

Egg Hunt with prizes
Classic wine tasting  4 classic wines, bread and olive oil
1 regional tapa – cheese, chorizo, smoked ham(or cheese board)

Egg Hunt with prizes
Sandwich with salty snack
Easter candy

What to do in Algarve during winter or rainy days? 

Discover the Charm of Algarve in Winter: Beyond Beaches and Ocean Activities. When the weather turns chilly or the rain sets in, Algarve unveils its diverse treasures. We suggest exploring the city of Loulé, the pictoresque villages of Alte or Querença, or even go for a walk in Fonte Benémola

As locals, these are the activities we recommend to incorporate on the day you visit us for a guided tour/wine tasting.

Day trip to Loulé with a wine tasting at Quinta da Tôr 

1ª stop – Loulé

Begin your day with the bustling morning markets, especially lively on Saturdays. Indulge in a local experience at ‘Café Calcinha,’ established in 1927, where you can have a ‘bica’ and savour a ‘folhado de Loulé.’ The historical café also pays tribute to the renowned social satirist, poet Antonio Aleixo, with a dedicated statue.

Take a leisurely stroll through a charming walking street lined with local shops, ideal for unique souvenirs. Dive into history by exploring the old town, visiting the castle, and uncovering the fascinating Islamic Baths. For a delightful lunch experience, explore the many restaurants nestled in the city center.

2nd stop – Guided tour and wine tasting at Quinta da Tôr

Embark on the 2nd stop of your winter adventure – head to us,  Quinta da Tôr, for a guided tour featuring wine tasting and tantalizing tapas. After immersing yourself in the cultural richness of Loulé, a short drive or taxi ride will lead you to the serene vineyard. Alternatively, if you’re without a car, convenient bus/train options to Loulé city center are available, followed by a brief (less than 10 minutes) taxi ride to the vineyard. Unwind and savor the flavors of local wines, making your winter escapade in Algarve truly unforgettable.

Transportation suggestion: If you come from other locations (Faro, Portimão, Tavira, Lagos…),  get a bus to get to the center of Loulé. To reach the vineyard get a taxi form the center ( 10 minutes ride).